Cheap Auto Insurance for All Drivers in Minneapolis and all of Minnesota

Call or Stop in for a free Quote on your Cheap Auto or Home Insurance for people living in Minneapolis and all of Minnesota. We professionally select rates from some of the best companies licensed in Minnesota including AAA, Dairyland, Foremost, Kemper, Mendota, Safeco and Progressive. The Websters Dictionary definition of Cheap is "charging a low price" or "costing little effort or trouble to obtain". That is our goal for you. To find a low price for you and make it quick and easy to obtain. Cheap is Good.

Unlike other insurance web sites, we actually would like to talk to you personally to review your rating information so we can select the best program and rates for you. Rates can vary greatly from company to company depending on the vast underwriting factors that they now use to determine your rates. These rating factory include drivers age, experience, diving records, insurance score, type of vehicles, garaging location, use of car, previous insurance and many more. Our goal is to find the company that will offer Cheap Auto Insurance to you based on your rating factors.

Tickets or Accidents? No Current Insurance? SR-22?, No Problem! Call 612-824-1160 or stop into our office for a FREE quote.

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