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Cheap Non-owners Insurance or Named Operators Insurance in Minnesota

Call 612-824-1160 or Stop in for a free Quote on your Cheap Non-Owners Auto Insurance for all of Minnesota. Unlike many other insurance agents, we have a number of programs we use to find a low rate for non-owners or named operators insurance and for drivers requiring a SR22 Certificate on a non-owners policy filed with the State to get and maintain your drivers license.

When a person has had their drivers licensed cancelled, suspended or revoked the State of Minnesota will often times require insurance certification before they will reinstate the license and require the driver to maintain the insurance for a period of time or have their license suspended again.

The insurance certificate is often times referred to as a SR22 filing. The certificate is to be completed by an authorized representative of the insurance company and not the agent. The certificate of insurance must be filed with the Commissioner of Public Safety. The State is to be notified if the by the insurance company when the insurance is discontinued.

If an individual does not own a vehicle the requirement can be met by purchasing a non-owners or named operators policy. A non-owner policy would provide no coverage while driving an owned vehicle or a vehicle that you have regular use of. The non-owners policy provides no coverage for damage to a vehicle you are driving. Driving under a non-owners policy does not make an uninsured vehicle a legal vehicle to be operating on Minnesota roadways.

Because we use so many different programs that offer non-owners or named operators insurance we can find you a great rate for your auto insurance and filing your insurance certificate, we can find a great rate for you.


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